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Rochdale GT . . . . .Car History

  The car was kept by its original builder Eric Stringer in Rainham , Essex for 44 years mostly unused and for many years sitting in the front garden. It was then purchased and taken to Dorset as a project and gathered dust due to job and family commitments by a club memeber  Ben Bettell.
After spotting it an the Rochdale club magazine spoke about it to Tomaz who had resprayed my  Olympic and decided it needed a new home. I met the owner at the Gillingham Classic Car Pageant and we agreed the price but left poor Tomaz to collect the rolling remains. Due to it not being taxed or used since 1962 it will be sold with the new owner as the second owner from new. To preserve this it will not be  notified to the DVLA until rebuilt as they will kindly register it in my  name.
Pics July click here

The Logbook has the original TW number plate registered as a red Rochdale 'Gran Tourismo' chassis 103/265/ET in March 1960 and last tax until 30th  November 1962 so used less than two years.The Car was built on a new Ford Popular chassis with reconditioned running gear:- Engine  was a Ford E93A 1172 cc
High lift cam, 8hp cylinder head  O/ sized inlet valve
double valve springs Polished modified 100E oil pump
Polished Ports
twin 1.25 SU carbs
four branch exhaust
clutch E83 van
Gearbox E93A gears fitted in 100E case
Rear Axle Ford Popular fitted with 4:7 crown wheel and pinion
Suspension Front/Rear Standard with Stabilizers
100E 13 inch wheels/brakes/hubs etc
12v electrics Instruments mostly 100E Austin Sprite Rev Counter
Wipers 105E
Trim from Bucket Seats etc

Just built

 whilst garden squatting sorry they are grainy they are pics from copies. .  from copies etc