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The Rochdale Owners Club was formed in June 1981 by a group of owners keen to establish a club exclusively for the Rochdale marque.
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Rochdale GT . . . . .Project
  This site is to follow and eventually sell the car shown here when restored a 1960 Rochdale GT unless spoken for first. The car has not been on the road since 1962 having sat in a garden for well over 20 years and has so far had one registered owner since being built. The pic above will change and improve like Lazarus. . .  hopefully

Small(ish) fibre glass coupe built around a Ford Popular / E93A chassis The car has ford mechanics, fibreglass body on the steel chassis so weight ratio means a cheap quick fun car rather than a record breaker and pre dates the E type etc

The shell with doors, all windows and bonnet ready fitted was sold originally  for £140. .in 1959/60 . This site will also include data on the cars which deserve a wider knowledge
  I already have a Rochdale  Olympic Phase 1(not for sale . .  mine) and a soft spot for the oddities/rarities of the motoring world. People normally react with either  'What is it I want one' or the more common " what on earth is it' as with many early kit cars if I had £1 for each query would now be sitting in the Bahama's. Ros

For the Stainforth Booklet as PDF  will send to club it is 15mb or send email and will forward it .
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